Después de toda la polémica generada por sus nefastos comentarios homófobs en Facebook, el lituano Ten Walls, ha decidido que era momento de sacar nuevo trabajo y lo ha hecho publicándolo vía una de las páginas más importantes se colectivos LGTB de su país, LGL.

destacar que ha contado con un feat. del

No sabemos si esto “expiará” lo que ha ocurrido antes, de momento os dejamos el track y sus palabras.

“Finally. More than happy to share with you the new song, ‘Shining’ (Ten Walls feat. Alex Radford). Behind the walls of silence stood emotional, sleepless and creativity filled days and nights. Together with Alex we made it and it is yours now. I would especially like to thank Lithuanian LGBT Community LGL for their support all this time. Therefore the premiere of ‘Shining’ will take place in their official website. Please visit the page, listen and download the song for free here. Christmas came earlier this year so shine, as you never did before. Peace. TW.”

Ten Walls tiene nuevo trabajo

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